Pikkujoulu mökillä 22.-24.11. nyt Vuolteenhelmessä 390,- eur.

Lokakuusta alkaen taas tarjous - vapaat arkipäivät (ei lomajaksot):

Vuolteenhelmessä 190,- eur/2pv ja lisäpäivät 60,- eur/pv.

Vuononhelmessä 220,- eur/2pv ja lisäpäivät 65,- eur/pv.

Onko työkohteesi Länsi-Pirkanmaalla? Majoita työporukka luksusmökille. Syyskauden arkiviikoille varmasti kilpailukykyiset hinnat. Kysy tarjous!

Ilmoitettuihin hintoihin sisältyy alv.


Cottage Christmas party 22.-24.11. in Vuolteenhelmi 390,- eur.

Offer from October - Working days (not holiday periods):
Vuolteenhelmi 190,- eur/2days, additional days 60,- eur/day.
Vuononhelmi 220,- eur/2days, additional days 65,- eur/day.

Do you have a working group in Pirkanmaa (Tampere west area). Accommodate your group in luxory cottage. Ask offer for longer periods too.

Vat is included in prices.


Ellivuoren Vuorisport tarjoaa monia mahdollisuuksia ryhmille. HighPark -rata, kanootit, SUP-lautailu, FAT pikes, ym. Katso tarkemmin sivuilta.

Kalastamaan Vuolteenhelmeen. Vuokraan sisältyy kalastusalueen verkko, katiska ja uisteluluvat. Myös toinen vene 4-tahti moottorilla saatavissa uistelijoille. Vuokrattavisssa myös erikseen.

Vuolteenhelmessä INTERNET KYTKETTY!!
Internetyhteys 50/10Mbit + wlan + maksu-TV-kanavat ilmaiseksi käytössäsi.

Vuolteenhelmessä on nyt vesiosuuskunnan vesi ja viemäröinti.

Jos työkohteenne on Tampereella tai sen länsipuolella, työryhmän majoitus onnistuu hyvin mökeillämme.

Fishing in Vuolteenhelmi. The rent includes local licence for trolling and net. Another boat for fisherman with 4 stroke engine available.

Vuolteenhelmi is now connected in local water and sanitation systems.

Free Internet connection of 50/10Mbit + Wi-Fi and international TV channels are now in use.


+358 (0)50 5318640 (Esko) tai 050 4959970 (Merja)
Sähköposti/E-mail: info[at]


Käyntejä kotisivuilla:178808 kpl

Cottage Vuolteenhelmi, Sastamala, homepage

ulko1.jpgVuolteenhelmi is modern, well equipped energy efficient house. Even bigger groups can accommodate in a house with large combined kitchen and living room with a fireplace. Beds are in three separate bedrooms and on the loft. Have a look at the lay out drawing on the bottom of this page.

It is located near the popular holiday region of Ellivuori with four slopes, kids? slope and other children fun in Ski Center, restaurant and other activities. The place itself is very quiet, and the only neghbour inhabited buildings, that you can see, are on the other side of the lake.

Covered balcony, more than 30 m2, opens a fantastic wide view over the lake Kulovesi. You can see it in the top bar. Feel the Finnish nature by skiing or walking in the forest.

The cottage is extremely good place for fishing . The best place for zander is just in front of the pier. Asp is the local speciality in flowing water. Our visitors have experience of 5 kg asps. Local fishing lisences for trolling and net is included in the rent of the cottage. We recommend guided fishing tours

In autumn you will find very good places to pick mushrooms and berries near the cottage.

Lakeside Golf 36 holes is only 12 km from the house.



Some distances:

Tampere City center 41 km, Tampere Särkänniemi 40 km, Pirkkala airport 39 km, Railway station 42 km

Local Village and shop Karkku 7 km Railway station 8 km

Sastamala 20 km Railway station 22 km

How you can find Cottage Vuolteenhelmi


Local activities:

Fishing (see area 11 Lakes Kulovesi-Rautavesi). Local fishing licence is now included in the rent. We recommend local quided fishing tours and other activities Vaparetket.

Ellivuori Slopes 4 km

Ellivuori Hotel and Restaurant 5 km

Golf Course Lakeside Golf 12 km, Nokia River Golf 20 km, Golf training

Mr Clutterbuck house 20km

St Olaf's Church in Tyrvää 16 km

Sastamala Gregoriana 13 km


Distances of Finnish Cities:

Tampere 41 km

Helsinki 198 km

Sastamala 20 km

Pori 82 km

Turku 133 km


Lay out drawing (some difference in furniture). Combined living room and kitchen is over 4 meters high. The loft with 4 mattresses is above the sleeping rooms.

Telephone: +358 50 5318640 (Esko) or Email: info[at]