If you write the address in navigator, it depends on the software update whether the address is Vekontie 24, Sastamala or Rauhalantie 24, Vammala. In the beginning of 2009 Vammala  and its surroundings formed the city of Sastamala. When this happened, also Vuolteenhelmi road name was changed from Rauhalantie to Vekontie.

From Tampere (Helsinki), follow Rauma signs about 32 km from Tampere city center or about 20 km from big junction after Pirkkala bridge. Turn right to Jokivarrentie  0.8 km and then turn to left sign Kutala  6 km. Then after 4.8 km turn right and follow sign Karkku 10, about 3.5 km. Drive over two bridges. Immediately after second bridge, turn left uphill Vekontie 200m. If you want to run only on the asphalt road, a distance is longer. In this case, you should be driving Ellivuori junction (right) and continue the Vammala guidance below.

From Vaasa, (Pori), follow roundabout in Hämeenkyrö to Vammala (Sastamala) sign about 18 km and then another roundabout in Häijää to Vammala 2.8 km until Ellivuori is guided to the left. Then follow Ellivuori signs until you are guided left sign 'Kutala 3'. Continue to Kutala 700m and before the bridge turn uphill to right Vekontie 200m.

From Vammala (Turku and Rauma) pass Vammala center to Tampere until Ellivuori is guided to the left. Pass Ellivuori ski slope and cross Hiedan vuolle by bridge towards Karkku until there is a sign to right [Kutala 3]. Continue to Kutala 700m and before the bridge turn uphill to right Vekontie 200m.

Coordinates (WGS84):

61 degrees 25.131 minutes N; 23 degrees 06.318 minutes E